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This book is the conclusion of Darcy's Denial. Those who have not read Darcy's Denial may wish to avoid reading the description below.Darcy's Deliverance---------Following Elizabeth Bennet's marriage to Richard Fitzwilliam, Mr Darcy embarks for the New World in order to forget the only woman he has ever loved. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Richard initially experience a life ofThis book is the conclusion of Darcy's Denial. Those who have not read Darcy's Denial may wish to avoid reading the description below.Darcy's Deliverance---------Following Elizabeth Bennet's marriage to Richard Fitzwilliam, Mr Darcy embarks for the New World in order to forget the only woman he has ever loved. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Richard initially experience a life of post-nuptial happiness; eventually, however, they are faced with a series of trials that put their new marriage to the test. Mr Darcy's return offers Elizabeth hope that all may yet be well, but when disaster strikes, guilt and remorse threaten to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart. With the passage of time, their growing friendship begins to bridge the gulf between them, but all is suddenly threatened by a seemingly chance discovery. Can Darcy truly forgive his one-time adversary, or is his good opinion, once lost, lost forever -- along with his hopes of happiness?...

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darcy s deliverance a pride and prejudice variation Reviews

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-05-11 14:05

    5+ stars: I loved this story! Is my face ever red. This is such a turnaround from my less than stellar review of book 1: Darcy’s Denial. The star I deducted from book 1 I gladly add to book 2. Oh MY!There are plenty of reviews out there that will give a blow-by-blow of what happened. I will not.We open with Darcy on a ship bound for Canada. It was heart wrenching as he attempted to flee England in order to exorcise his demons where Elizabeth was concerned. Over time we read the exchange of letters between him and Georgiana. Though the mail packets sometimes took months to reach their respective parties, we were made aware of the goings on within the Matlock household, Georgiana’s presentation and coming out activities, Elizabeth’s and Richard’s well wishes, and anyone else who desired to send word to Darcy. Richard and Elizabeth established their residence at Pemberley, per Darcy’s request, so that Richard could assume responsibilities for Georgiana and all the properties that belong to the Darcy holdings. In addition, Richard had his own holdings at the Kingston Estate, a property that came to him through his mother’s side of the family. As his father’s health deteriorated, Richard also helped with the Matlock holdings. As stresses increased, Richard desperately missed Darcy’s advice, counsel and friendship. In every letter Georgiana begged Darcy to come home. PTSD: Those who have service people, who have returned from war, understand Richard’s struggles as he attempts to live in peace, while his night terrors are still at war. Every service person dreads the day that in their sleep they hurt or injure the ones they love. Richard’s fears became his worst nightmare. [Personal note: my brand new husband cautioned me to never attempt to wake him if he was asleep. When it was time for bed, if he happened to have fallen asleep on the couch or in his easy chair, he said to leave him, that he would eventually wake up and come to bed. He said it was too jarring to him for me to wake him and that he might not remember/know where he was and could hurt me in his confusion. I took him at his word.] I really enjoyed the journey that the author took me on and the smooth transition from one chapter to the next. I liked the separation of actions, the letter exchange, the reading of thoughts of the characters as they carried on a conversation. Many times authors leave us to wonder what someone is thinking and in this writing style we are made privy to what was going on as someone was talking. Often times the banter between characters was hilarious. The author was so creative with the juxtaposition of canon dialogue. Such wordsmithing was so intriguing. Many surprises waited for the reader as familiar dialogue was presented in a different situation and often with the person delivering or receiving said dialogue being completely different than canon. It was really cute. Be ready for tears. There are many tearful scenes in this book. You knew there had to be a resolution to the Richard-Elizabeth-Darcy triangle. I was sorry for it. There are also misunderstandings galore, some funny, some tragic. I still have not resolved my thoughts regarding Wickham. This was a very unusual depiction of him and I haven’t found him thus in any other JAFF. I know there are some out there, I just haven’t read them yet. In the meantime, be prepared for a different Wickham than in book 1. There are several threads left hanging. NOTE****did anyone catch the comment stated on Feb 28th that the wedding was in two days on March 1st? Yeah, I looked it up…1816 was a leap year. Cool!!!How did Darcy became Lord Matlock? The peerage rules are usually fairly strict. The Earldom can only pass from father to son. Richard’s father was the 8th Earl of Matlock and his brother was on hold as the Viscount, with Richard as the spare. At the death of both his brother and father, Richard [the second son] became the 9th Earl of Matlock. If he died without a son, it could go to a cousin but only through a direct father-to-son descent. Darcy and Richard shared the same grandfather [the 7th Earl of Matlock]; however, Darcy was related through his mother not his father. Since there were no other Fitzwilliam men living on this branch, they would have to go further back to other branches and look for second sons that could possibly have a surviving direct father-to-son link to the Earldom. Another cousin could inherit, but not Darcy. Therefore, at Richard’s death, Darcy as an heir could inherit Kingston, for instance, as it came to Richard through his mother’s family. Darcy could not inherit any property or holdings related to the Matlock Earldom. Having said all this…am I wrong? Did I misunderstand?

  • Debbie Brown
    2019-04-19 12:09

    If Darcy's Denial is gut wrenching, Darcy's Deliverance just amps up the angst factor. There are real life problems being dealt with here. Darcy is trying to get over his heartache through overseas travel. Richard struggles with his sudden and unwelcome elevation in status as well as PTSD from his military experience. This impacts his relationship with Elizabeth, as he pulls away from her both emotionally and physically. The writing is as excellent as the previous book in this series. The reader can't help but become invested in these characters, with all their flaws. Even Wickham is written more sympathetically than is usually found, despite the fact that his actions have catastrophic results.This is a fantastic pair of books that I highly recommend to everyone who loves well written romance with strong characters who face life altering situations.

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-05-13 19:12

    This story along with the first in the series had me in tears more than once. It has all the elements I love, besides being the type of variation that is my favorite. There is angst galore, but it is also bittersweet, poignant and gripping as we the readers find our hearts pulled in two directions. Like with the Twilight series: Are you Team Richard? Or Team Darcy? I love both of these men and they are the best of friends as we all know. But as we are left dangling at the end of the last book Darcy is sailing for Canada as he knows he cannot watch as Elizabeth settles into her role as the wife of his cousin. And only his dear sister and Richard know the real reason he left.We read the history of what is happening to Darcy in Canada through his letters to his sister and through a look at how his mind is rethinking all his interactions with Elizabeth and how it could have been different if he had made better choices BUT then we also read how he stops, putting those thoughts aside, saying she is not his and it doesn’t really matter if he now knows in what manner he should have acted. On the other side of the ocean we read much of the events happening to the Fitzwilliam family as months and then years pass. Some is related with the additional look into Georgiana’s letters to her brother. We read of a family illness, a death, the coming out of certain young ladies and then the beginning of attentions to Kitty and another female in the family (and this one is quite a surprise, my friends). There is a wedding and several births…and you have to smile when reading how Lady Catherine decides that it is her place to come to Matlock House to ensure that Elizabeth knows how to use her arts and allurements in the pursuit of providing an heir to the Fitzwilliam family.The moment Fitzwilliam Darcy decides that he has finally gotten to the stage of acceptance and that he can once again be in the presence of his cousin and that man’s love, is one that gripped at my heartstrings. But as he arrives home other forces are at work in this family: Richard is suffering from PTSD and also is bitten by jealousy but is there cause? You will have to read. And Downstairs in the servants’ quarters other forces are at work which lead to a whole other tragedy. Gossip hints at a curse.This book does give us some of the politics of the times, the war between Britain and its former colony and the effect of a tariff on wheat, etc. And I did enjoy reading of the ladies pitching in to help in managing estates while Darcy has left all in Richard’s hands. As the author builds the characters’ development through events not all in their power to control we are able to read of powerful emotions taking control and of some changes in character totally unexpected. Some of this is a turnabout to what we know of a person but the author weaves it all to a very satisfactory end. There is so much to talk about here but I must let you read it and form your own opinions. I know I will be thinking about this story for some time, even in my dreams tonight.

  • Mary
    2019-04-29 14:12

    Dear reader,I'm sitting up in bed,it's 1:37 am,yes,I do have work in the morning,but I simply had to finish this story,had to find out the fate of ODC. Was it worth it? Absolutely,I simply loved this book! Some months ago I read Darcy's Denial,the first book in this two part series and anxiously awaited the release of this,the second book. Yet although I bought it when it was released in January,it is only now that I've felt brave enough to venture beyond the cover to discover for myself,what befell Darcy, Elizabeth and Richard. Oh! the angst,the trials,the misunderstandings that plagued ODC. Forgive me for stating this but I wanted to kill off Richard! I yearned for him to get struck by a bolt of lightning,to be fatally injured by a tree in a storm.....any mode of disposal would have been satisfactory really,to realise my objective of uniting Darcy and Elizabeth! Were such means deployed, I hear you ask? Well,dear reader,that is for you to discover when you pick up this delightful read,lose yourself amid its beautifully scripted words and find yourself totally bewitched by its gripping storyline,one that will see you happily reading until the wee hours of the morning!! Highly recommended! Enjoy!

  • Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813
    2019-04-27 19:17

    Look what just went went live on Amazon!! Happy reading !

  • Carole (in Canada)
    2019-05-17 17:23

    A poignant story with many layers that slowly builds to a crescendo that leaves you holding your breath. As Darcy sails off to Canada, Elizabeth and Richard start a life together with Georgiana who writes to her brother. We see their lives progress through these letters to Darcy and occasionally his responses. She longs for his return but with Elizabeth's influence Georgiana grows into a confident young woman. Kitty has also joined their family and she too matures. I enjoyed Elizabeth's reaction to the gentleman who falls in love with Kitty...and his response to Mr. Bennet! There are many forces at work within this story, a curse, jewels, nightmares and the power of love and forgiveness. Take a leap and immerse yourself in this story. You wont be disappointed.

  • Charlene
    2019-05-18 18:32

    Deliverance!Double wow!! Incredible variation.In this second book the angst continued as we see everyone going about there lives. With snippets of what Darcy is doing. And than finally of course he returns. Misunderstandings abound and with some sad turns we finally get our happy ending. I know this review sounds cryptic but I don't want to give away any of the journey that the characters have to go through. You MUST read book 1 and all will be clear and than this book finally is a wonderful ending though fraught with angst, sadness and misunderstanding but happiness will prevail. I most definitely recommend this book!

  • Barb
    2019-05-05 19:31

    No review from me as my friends have so eloquently reviewed this title. But, I have to agree 100%. This is such a well written story. Just have the tissues handy.

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-04-23 16:07

    Darcy's Deliverance: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Denial and Deliverance Book 2)What a fantastic job Carolyn has done in writing this two part story. Just as I did in the first book of her series, I cried through most of this book, too. I was anxiously waiting to see how she'd write the ending to this gut wrenching series. I was not disappointed with the results. The handling of the love triangle was well worth waiting for. That Elizabeth had a second chance of a love match was rewarding in itself. Since Darcy realized what he failed to do at the Meryton Assembly, he conned her into telling him how to win his lady love, she proved a great teacher and Darcy proved to be a fast learner. Then Elizabeth has to deal with her feelings for Darcy, when she realizes that she's in love with him herself and wishes she hadn't taught him how to woo his lady love in London. Little did she know, because Darcy kept himself tightly regulated. So many times Georgiana especially, or the elder Lady Matlock when she figured it out herself, wanted to tell her why Darcy left for several years to the wilds of Canada. When Darcy finally tells her why, she was stunned when he admitted to loving her the day she walked from Longbourn to Netherfield to care for her sick sister. Their day had come. Now they would legally be Lord and Lady Matlock joined by marriage. Fantastic job, Carolyn. Look forward to seeing more of your stories.

  • Leslie
    2019-04-19 15:20

    I loved this book. Loved it. But darn it there is a lot of heartbreak and drama before you get to the end.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-06 13:30

    Oh how agonizing, with depth, despair, hope and love. Of course it ends happily with Darcy and Elizabeth but it still touches a deeply sad side with Richards end.Darcy is away in Canada for over 2 years while Richard and Elizabeth share a happy marriage although Richard is still plagued by nightmares from the war, all the responsibilities of being Lord Matlock now and missing Darcy and yet silently chastising him for his absence. Darcy finally decides to return when he hears of Elizabeth's pregnancy as being uncle to her child gives him an outlet for his love for her. So many tragedies strike beloved characters and although they are necessary for Darcy to finally find love, they are heart breaking. The author did a great job engaging all of our emotions and making a very believable situation that calls Richards temper into question. I loved the characters of Richards mother and Georgiana in the novel. Pain, loss and reconciliation with new love is what they help us comprehend. But even when Elizabeth is free to marry again, Darcy must earn her friendship and then love. Even once earned, the path to their love is not an easy one.What a great heart retching novel with each finding peace in the end. Well written!

  • Brittany
    2019-05-20 14:31

    A wonderful sequel to the first book (Darcy's Denial). In this book, we start with Elizabeth married to Colonel Fitzwilliam! Oh no! Darcy, unable to stand it, goes to Canada to try to get over Elizabeth. He eventually comes back, but things don't seem to be going to well for the new Earl and Elizabeth. Becoming an Earl unexpectedly leaves the Colonel on edge often, and without his brother, father, or Darcy, he feels the weight of all his responsibilities heavily. As can be presumed there is a happy ending!What I liked about the book: I really enjoyed Wickham's part in this book. He wasn't as evil as you see him in other adaptations. In fact there's a large portion of the book I feel bad for him! I think it's wonderful when a writer can make me feel empathy for Wickham. I think all the characters were written well. I really enjoyed this book. What I didn't like: There's still something unsettling about Elizabeth having been in love with Colonel Fitzwilliam. It was written in a realistic way, but still. Maybe I would have liked it more if their marriage was less happy. But still this was a great book. Thank you for the recommendation!

  • Evil Mommy
    2019-04-20 19:22

    Very enjoyableOkay, I have been waiting for this book to come out. The first part, for me, is one of my favorites. I love me some angst. This one didn't have it. Even with somethings that have to happen and if you read the first book, you know what I mean. Darcy is more sure of himself and still a little foolish, aka human. Elizabeth is resilient. She is also kind of clueless when the drama is centered on her (who is in love with her, who wants to court her), but again that makes her so human. My problem with this book- maybe I missed it, but what was up with the jewels and the "curse"? I look forward to more works from this author since her writing flows and she tells a very good story.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-06 12:22

    Interesting two volume P&P variation. I rated this one higher than the first volume, because it finally ended in the right place. I enjoyed the further development of Kitty, Lydia and Wickham over the course of the series, making them more complex and interesting characters. In this second book, the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth finally took center stage. It felt different here than in the original, shared by two characters who have loved and lost and now have a deeper appreciation for the special connection they share and more upfront about acknowledging their feelings.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-26 19:07

    The author's use of subtlety in following Austen's style and habit is magnetic. Her clever reuse of titles and names was especially heartwarming as it caused the characters some genuine confusion while allowing the reader humor and romance. This series is a clean read. Anyone, young or mature, that has enjoyed Austen's Pride & Prejudice will appreciate this very different story of love, tenderness and wit.

  • Beth
    2019-05-11 12:07

    Fitting endingThis second book has the resolution of most of the issues that caused Darcy to escape to Montreal and plagued Richards sleep. An entirely different set of events have occurred. The deaths of family members, wedding, babies, miscarriages, the final war with Napoleon and Lady Catherine and the Countessess jewels. ( never solved that one). In all quite sad and very happily ended.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-09 19:22

    Good P&P variation. Good sequel to book 1.

  • Camille Fiore
    2019-05-13 17:28

    Sad But NecessaryThe first book, Darcy's Denial, is, in my opinion, one of the best variations available. Despite his injury and the time spent at war, Richard Fitzwilliam was kind, affable, and even entertaining. This sequel has him suffering from PTSD, not unheard of, but strange when it followed so late from the original trauma. Of course, the new problems associated with losing his brother, his cousin, Anne, and his father in close succession may have exacerbated it. Add to this the loss of his confidant and cousin who had been as close as a brother, the renewed nightmares and more taciturn behavior may be explained. The worst part, though, is his encounter with Wickham that ends in his death. This second reading helped me understand why the writer chose that avenue to remove this obstacle to D&E getting to their HEA, but it was still hard to believe. He was an excellent soldier, killed the man who had wounded him in the original story, but couldn't shoot straight enough to kill Wickham when he didn't even return fire the first time? Overall, this is a very well written sequel, containing enough twists and turns to fill a second book. But while Darcy and Elizabeth do get to their HEA, including the heir, it is a very sad journey. (Please note that after this second reading I upgraded it from 3 to 4 stars.)

  • Johanna
    2019-05-06 20:15

    **SPOILERS**I wish I could give this book a higher rating. I loved part one of this story and highly anticipated this sequel. Sadly, I was disappointed. The quality of the writing excellent, as expected, but the plot was lacking. I found myself repeatedly disappointed by missed opportunities in the story line and unfulfilled expectations. Why, for example, did we hear so little about Darcy's experiences in Canada? I thinking it would be interesting to learn more about his activities--and emotions--while he was away. I like the idea of Darcy in the rugged wilderness fighting has disappointment through manly endeavors...definitely a missed opportunity. Also, I feel the story would have been more interesting if the marriage of Elizabeth and Richard had not been so perfect. I could have much more easily stomached Elizabeth's transfer of affections to Darcy if she hadn't been so happy with Richard. And, personally, I don't like the idea of Elizabeth sharing that kind of love with anyone other than Darcy. Additionally, would it not have been more interesting if an unhappy Elizabeth began to find solace in her friendship with Darcy before Richards death? Imagine the tension, guilt, and pent up passion...another missed opportunity. All that being said, this author is a very talented writer. I greatly look forward to her next book.